Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MECP2 Results

Paula got a call back from Primary Children's yesterday about the results of Becca's MECP2 test. That's a test for Rett Syndrome, by the by. Dr. Rope called himself, which was nice of him, and explained that they actually did find something abnormal on the MECP2 gene -- but he said it's something they've never seen before. Sounds like Becca, doesn't it?

Anyway, what they want to do next is bring me and Paula in and run the same test on us, just to see if there's anything abnormal on our MECP2 genes. If there were, then it might actually be nothing, since it's not doing the same thing to us that it's doing to Becca -- and even if there were it could still be nothing, but it also might be a hint into what's going on. Maybe. We'll let you know how our tests come out.