Sunday, May 1, 2016

Becca's Schedule - May 2016

This is a catch-up because things have changed, but I wanted a placeholder for how things were recently.

4-5am: Wake up. Between 5 and 6 Paula gets up and talks to her. She helps Becca pick an outfit and decide if she wants to listen to music or an audiobook or just have quiet time.

7:30am: Brian gets up and gives Becca breakfast, usually yogurt or something hot blended up. Then trileptal, 2tsp of miralax and 3ish tubes of formula.

8:30am: Becca gets picked up for school on the bus.

School: I don't know for sure, but it seems like she gets off the bus, they do diaper changes, circle time, formula for lunch, some small group activities and individual time, with more changing mixed in. She always gets an hour in the stander as well.

4:20pm: Becca comes home on the bus. Paula gives her a formula snack.

5:30pm: School time. We take the Utah state standards for Becca's year and throw out things that don't apply (like keyboarding skills and cooperating in team projects), then focus on topics for a week. We mix in recurring things like math and reading comprehension. We do a couple different writing and art projects each year, then a lot of experiments, videos, and hands-on stuff. It's probably sort of like home-schooling if you only had half an hour each day, so not a lot of room for repetition and practice. Math is super slow and hard.

6:30pm: Dinner. We blend up her food and she eats enough to fill up until dinner.

7:30pm: Get ready for bed. Two melatonin pills, trileptal and four tubes of formula.

8pm: Bed.