Thursday, May 27, 2010

That’s Better

I just wanted to quickly mention that Becca has been doing a lot better the past couple days.  I’m not sure what was bugging her, but she seems a lot more content and happy.  Also, no seizures yesterday or today so far.  Things can sure go up and down quickly.  But I’m grateful to, once again, have a happy Becca.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An Off Week

Becca is having a bit of an off week. Brian and I had just mentioned last week that Becca has been in a really good place lately. She’s been so content. By content I mean happy 97% of the time. She hasn't been making any improvements in motor skills (gross or fine), but she hasn’t been losing skills lately either. We are so grateful that she has stayed healthy for the most part through the sick season and she has been gaining weight well. She also has seemed more with it lately. I don’t know what it is but she seems to be trying to communicate more through the way she looks at me. But, as is often the case, when you say things are going well, things take a turn for the worse.

Brian and I think that Becca may be having little seizures this week. She’s been doing this thing where her eyes roll back and her limbs shake a bit and then she’s fine. They only last a few seconds. We have no way of knowing if they’re actually seizures. She shakes quite a bit on a regular basis without having a seizure. This morning she had one of her moments where she zones out for a while and just lays there (I think it’s a little seizure but of course I can’t be sure). The only thing she would move was her poor little hands that never get rest (except for when she’s sleeping). She has been pretty unhappy these past couple days. I’m hoping these seizures or whatever may be bothering her get better soon. Brian and I both get really discouraged when we can’t figure out what to do for her. I scheduled an appointment with her neurologist. Maybe an adjustment in her medication will do the trick. I think that we’re just really worried that she may be starting to go downhill again. I don’t feel brave enough to see her lose more.

Also, I really feel like Becca is trying to tell me something lately. Sometimes she will look deep into my eyes with a look that seems to say help me. It truly breaks my heart every time. I know that she is going to learn how to better communicate with us, but until then we just have to try to be patient.

I can’t remember if we mentioned on here, but at the end March we got Becca’s wheelchair! We’re really liking being able to move her around more easily and it seems like a really nice chair. I don’t have a picture that shows all of it yet, but this will give you an idea…


A few weeks ago my family was in town for graduation. It’s always neat for me to see how much Becca loves people. She really seemed to enjoy having everyone in town. This video is from that weekend. She was having a fun time playing with her Daddy…

I guess this post is rather random. I have so much on my mind with Becca and getting a tiny bit out helps. But, in the spirit of randomness, here is a random picture of Becca that I absolutely love.

I could just cuddle with you all day dear Becca.

PS- Becca, you have really pretty teeth…will you stop grinding them? Thanks.