Friday, August 14, 2009

Eye Exam

When Becca went in for her 48-hour EEG, she had an eye exam as well. The eye doctor saw that her optic nerves were pale and wanted to schedule her for a full eye exam. This would involve using anesthesia so that they could easily get clear pictures of her eye.

This happened last Thursday and I'm happy to report that the day went very smoothly. Here's dear Rebecca all ready in her hospital pajamas. PS- They really should get new pajamas.

You can't tell from the pictures, but she was in very good spirits for the whole day. The exam took about a half hour and then we had to wait a little while after that before we got to see Becca. When they brought us in to the recovery room Becca was still in very good spirits and it was almost as if nothing had happened. I was so grateful because when she was put under for her MRIs she had a really hard time waking up and was unhappy for a day or two.

The results: 100% completely normal! They didn't tell us until after the fact that part of the reason they were doing this test was to see if she has something called Batten disease. I think they chose not to tell us ahead of time because it's a very depressing and fatal disease. But, well, no worries because everything was normal. The doctor even said that when they got a good look at her eyes he saw that the optic nerve wasn't even really pale (apparently Becca wiggled her eyes a lot for the other exam). So yeah, no new clues into our little puzzle girl, but we never mind getting normal exams! It's always nice to report good news.


  1. Those hospital PJs are funny. I'm so glad the test came back normal!

  2. Christopher wore those PJs when he got his appendix out at Primary Childrens!

  3. I'm glad that she did well with the test and that the results came back normal. Loved her cute jammies! :)