Monday, November 2, 2009

Becca's Walker

We recently borrowed a walker from Becca's physical therapist and I know some people are interested to see what it looks like.


She tolerates it pretty well. We are working up to 30 minute increments and we're at 10 minutes so far. I don't force her too hard because I don't want her to hate it. She's starting to move a tiny bit in it, but is not taking steps yet. We are grateful for another way to do physical therapy with her and hope that it helps her!


  1. Aww...she is such a beautiful girl!

  2. Wow, what a sweet little angel...

  3. I have a friend about becca's age that was just diagnosed with Rhett's too! As both of you were going through trying to figure out what your daughters had, I just knew they were related! (low muscle tone). Though my friend's daughter has learned to walk, she was able to talk, but now has lost all her words:(
    I hope you don't have stairs...;)