Monday, April 5, 2010

Cute Three Year Old!

Becca turned three on the 20th of March! I can't believe she's three! Well, I can and I can't. Leading up to her birthday I had many conversations with Brian about what we should do for her birthday. Of course it's true that she has no clue what a birthday is let alone that it was going to be her birthday but that doesn't change the fact that we know it's her birthday. I was having a really hard time leading up to her birthday and just thinking of all the things that we miss out on that we (and she) should be enjoying with a normal three-year-old. But we decided that we wanted to make it a happy day and try to make it a special day for her in any way that we could think of.

Her day didn't start out the happiest of days for her, but we spent extra time playing with her, laying next to her, and talking to her. I didn't make her do any therapy all day. After a nap we took her outside for some play time...


As you can see, she wasn't too thrilled with the outdoors. She usually loves being outside. I think she may have had a headache. So we tried something else...couch time and some M&Ms (Becca's favorite candy).


I think that did the trick. She enjoyed some cuddles from her aunts and opened a couple presents (watched Daddy open a couple presents) and had some "birthday cake" I made a "cake" out of sherbet mixed with cool whip over a graham cracker crust and she loved it! It seemed to lift her spirits. She then got a special visit from Grandma and Grandpa. She sure loves it when people come to visit her.

Becca received many phone calls throughout the day from people who were out of town but wanted to wish her a happy birthday. She liked hearing people sing happy birthday to her...

IMG_2782 IMG_2783

It was a nice day. I think Becca had a nice day (besides her couple unhappy times). Thank you all for your phone calls, cards, presents, and birthday wishes! Happy Birthday to our beautiful Becca.


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  1. she really is beautiful. happy, happy #3, miss becca!