Tuesday, April 6, 2010

First Day of School

Well, I sure never thought my daughter would have her first day of school at the age of three! Yep, Becca started preschool a couple weeks ago and this it how she feels about it...
This is so not what I pictured her "first day of school" picture to be like
Yep, she loves it! She loves all the attention she gets and watching all the other kids. She is currently on spring break (I asked her what she wanted to do for spring break and she just sort of looked and me like, ummm, what?) but she'll be back to school next week. She starting out with just an hour and a half on Wednesdays and Thursdays (because it's a smaller class on those days). She'll work up to staying the whole 2 and 1/2 hours.
You ask how mom is doing with this new development? Well, I guess I must first confess that I haven't actually left her at school yet. I've stayed with her the entire time all the times she's gone. I guess that makes me a wimp. But, I must say that it has made me a lot more comfortable about leaving her in the future because I know exactly what she does when she's there and I'm getting to know her teacher. Her teacher has been wonderful so far. She's so willing to let me come as long as I want to. I'll probably stay at least another week or two.
Preschool consists of play time (for Becca this is usually speech therapy), gym time (sometimes physical therapy for Becca), circle time (singing songs, story time, learning a letter of the alphabet, etc.), activity time (painting, coloring, crafts, etc), and snack time...we leave at this point so who knows what happens next! For all I know they could have spanking time next! Yikes! Ok, so I know what happens next, potty time. Becca has potty time 24/7 so I guess that won't be all that eventful for her and then reading time and then, something else that's probably cool.
This whole preschool thing was really hard for me as the day approached that Becca would be starting, but it's really a lot easier now that I see how much she enjoys it. Any guesses as to how long I will be attending preschool with Becca? Your guess is as good as mine.


  1. It is really hard to leave them at first. I remember Bryce's first day I watched the clock and was ultra antsy for the time to come to go get him, but by the end of the year the time seemed to fly and I would look up and think "Wow, it's time to get him already." First steps are just as hard for parents as they are for kids. I am really glad she is liking school so much...and that you are too.

  2. I suspect that you will do like Melissa says and get used to the time away. But if you are like other MOMs I know, you will never really be comfortable having your little ones away for any extended period of time. Good luck adjusting and keep smiling (cause Becca is). Love all of you.