Monday, August 27, 2012

Being Brave

There are a few things that Brian and I have had to do for Becca that we never could have guessed we would ever have to do.  One thing that I hoped I would never have to do is to send my young child in to a procedure where she would be put under.  We have now done that five times and it has only gotten harder (especially since last summer).  Going right along with last summer we never thought we would ever have to watch our child be on life support (hope that one never happens again).  There are definitely more (suctioning, constipation remedies, placing feeding tube down her nose), but this post is about how I will have to be brave tonight.

Ok, that sounds dramatic…but I actually am a pretty dramatic person so there you go.  The time has come to replace Becca’s G-tube.  Yikes!  Her current button (her g-tube is called a  Mic-key button) was placed by her GI doctor and as he placed it he said, now you will replace future buttons in your home.  I’ll admit I thought, well gross.  But, after placing a NG tube down Becca’s nose (Brian is the brave one who would do this for the most part but I had to try it so that I would know how to do it if she pulled it out when he was out of town), this should be a piece of cake.  Last night I told Brian I wanted to be brave and replace it.  I am a little nervous though.  I hope it doesn’t hurt her and I hope it’s not too messy.  And well, I guess the idea of having an open hole to her tummy for a brief moment grosses me out.  Wish me luck!  I think we’ll do it before dinner ;).

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  1. Yikes, that would be hard. There are an awful lot of dirty jobs as a parent and you two definetely have a few bonus ones as well, I don't envy you that. I'm glad you were brave, that is never easy. I do love that the thing is called a Mic-key button when Mickey is one of Becca's favorites, who knew when she was born that one day you would be shoving Mickey into her belly.