Thursday, October 3, 2013

School Time 10/3 - No School Time

First time I asked Becca said yes to school time. Then when I got her seated and ready I told her I wanted to work on drawing pictures, I asked if she wanted to do that and she wouldn't say yes. I asked if she wanted to work on pictures and she clearly said no.


I tried explaining to her that I wanted to talk about how different ways of drawing and bright/dark colors can tell people about how we're feeling when we draw the pictures. Did she want to learn about that? Another clear no. I told her it was ok that she couldn't draw all by herself, I was going to try some different drawing tricks with her to see what we could draw together. Can we just try drawing one page? Another clear no.

Well, stubborn me, I said sometimes we have to learn things even if they don't sound fun, so let's just do one page and then be done. I didn't ask that time. I drew a couple pictures with different colors and showed her and talked about how the dark ones seemed more sad and the bright ones seemed more happy, how the colored-in ones seemed a little more realistic, etc. She kept coughing and looking away.

Then we did a quick hand game, which she thought was fun and funny. She re-engaged for a minute, until I started talking about drawing again.

Once we finished one page I asked if she wanted to be done and she wouldn't say yes. I asked if she still wanted to do school time and she said yes. I ran through some other ideas of things we could do for school time, working on numbers, letters... she wouldn't say yes to anything. I said that was fine, we could just be done then.

Well, she definitely has an opinion :-). I guess she either wasn't in the mood for drawing, or doesn't really like drawing all that much. Incidentally, Paula said this was a lot like what she was like the first time Paula tried to do school time with her. Good to know I'm not the only one who's run into Badditude Becca.

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