Wednesday, October 9, 2013

School Time 10/8 - Numbers

I got a little behind, so this will be more of a summary. Becca said yes to school time. I told her I wanted to practice our numbers one through five some more and make sure she can find them. She said yes she'd like to do that.

I got out the plastic board and taped the numbers 1 through 5 on it (same papers that we drew last week). I held up the board for a minute so Becca could look at all the numbers. I believe we also went over them before starting, me pointing to each number and asking Becca what it was, then saying the number when she looked at me.

Next I asked Becca if she could find the "1". She immediately looked at the 1 and then back at me. We celebrated by clapping 1 time. Then I suggested we should ask mommy to make one silly noise. Becca said yes, that sounded like a good idea. After Becca looked at Paula from across the room she made on silly noise. Same with 2, she found it right away, looked at the number and then back at me. We clapped twice, then asked Becca's sister to make 2 silly noises by looking at her. For 3 she looked immediately at 3, but then she wouldn't look back at me. I pointed to the one I thought she was picking and asked if she thought that was the 3, and she said yes. We celebrated. I asked if she wanted me to make 3 silly noises. When she said yes then I did. I asked if she liked the silly noises and she said no. I asked if I should try another silly noise and she said yes, so I tried another one. She smiled really big and I asked if that silly noise was better and she said yes.

For 4 Becca wouldn't pick the 4. She would look around and ended up sticking on the 2 a lot, but not looking back at me. I told her that was a 2, not a 4. I drew a 4 with her in the air with her hand and asked if she could find that number. She eventually did look for a long time and the 4 and we went with that, asking mommy again to make 4 silly noises. 5 was similarly slow, but she did eventually pick it. She looked at 2 a lot again, and Becca's sister pointed out that a 2 is like an upside-down 5. Becca's sister did 5 silly noises in celebration after our five claps.

Also after school time I told Becca I was impressed with how smart she was. I asked if she thought she was smart, and she said no (looking at me momentarily and then looking away). I told her of course she was smart. I started listing all of the things she had learned both at school and home since the school year started, and how those were amazing things to learn. She got a smile on her face as I started listing them (it took a little while to list them all). I asked again if she thought she was smart and this time she said yes with a smile.

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