Tuesday, September 24, 2013

School Time 9/1 - Memoirs of a Goldfish

This is a repost.

We read Memoirs of a Goldfish (which is a really cute book, by the way). I asked Becca who the story was about, who was in it from the start, and she picked Cha-Cha (the story is about the goldfish, not Cha-Cha. I probably should have asked her something better, like who was telling the story). So we talked about it and how the goldfish is the one in the whole story, so that's who I would have picked.

Then I asked her which character she liked better, Mr. Bubbles or Mervin. She picked Mervin, so I talked about what was silly about Mervin, then we talked about what was silly about Mr. Bubbles. Then her sister picked between the guppies and Cha-Cha, she picked the guppies, then we talked about why she liked the guppies better.

After that we tried to identify which fish appeared in the story in which order. Becca and her sister took turns picking between two options, and they both picked correctly every time. Then I asked Becca which fish the goldfish liked better, Gracie or Cha-Cha. Becca picked Gracie, which makes sense since Gracie is also a goldfish and the goldfish likes swimming around the pool with her. Then Becca and her sister took turns putting the fish in order again, and there were no mistakes that time either.

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