Thursday, September 26, 2013

School Time 9/13 - Letters Check

Today I explained to Becca that I wanted to see what she knew with her letters. I didn't know if she already knew how to read letters and what sounds they made or not, so I wanted to try and see. I asked her if that was ok and she said yes. She was very engaged and responsive in general today. First I said I wanted to see if she knew what a B was. I asked her if she knew the letter B. She said yes. I help up two letters (I was using fridge magnet letters), B and M. I asked her which one was a B, and the looked at it and back at me. I said yes, that was a B as in Becca. I told her the other letter was an M as in Mommy. Then I asked if she knew what the letter E was. She said yes. I held up an E and a P and she picked E correctly. I said that was an E as in Elephant. I asked if she knew what a C was and she wouldn't say yes. I held up a C and an M and she looked back and forth for a little while, then picked the M. I said that was an M, and Mommy or Monkey. We traced the M. Then we traced the C and I said it was a C as in Cat. Next I asked her to find the letter P. I held up a B and a P. She picked the B. I said those two did sound a lot alike, but that a B has two bumps and a P has one bump. B as in Becca and P as in Piano.

After that we went over the five letters a couple times, tracing them and talking about the sounds they made. 

Next I held up a couple pictures and asked what letter they started with. I held up a box and asked her if she knew what it was. She said yes, and I said it was a box. I asked if she knew what letter it started with and she said yes. I held up a B and an M and asked which letter it started with and she picked the B. Then I held up a picture of a piano and asked if it started with a P or an M. She got bored at this point and wouldn't look at the letters anymore, so we stopped and sang a silly song with actions. We sang it twice and she really liked it. After that she was engaged again. She picked a P as the first letter for piano.

Then I started quizzing her again on which of two options was the letter I was saying. This time she picked correctly for all five letters, B, E, C, M and P.

Then we started practicing sounds in general. We went through all five letters. I would hold up the letter and ask her to think in her head what sound it made. Then we would try to come up with words that started with that sound. Becca's sister helped her come up with some. Then I pulled out some pictures. I would ask Becca if she knew what each picture was. When she said yes then I would say what the picture was (snowman, piano, box, dog). Then I would ask her to think of the starting sound for the word. When she looked at me I would say the sound out loud.

Last we went over each of the five letters one more time, tracing them and making the letter sounds.

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