Thursday, September 26, 2013

School Time 9/12 - Seasons and Weather

I asked Becca if she wanted to do school time and she said yes. I put her in her chair and asked if we could talk about the seasons. She said yes. I asked if she'd already talked about the seasons at school and she said yes, so I said good, this should be a review.

I had printed off four big colored boxes with the name of each season and a small picture representing the season. I took each season one by one and talked about what the weather was like, the temperature, fun holidays, etc. Then I'd stick them to her clear plastic board. After that I told her I wanted to hold up some things and have her tell me which season she thought they'd fit in.

I had a mix of pictures. Some were activities (playing in the pool, a snowman, planting a garden, etc.), some were holidays (a Christmas present, an Easter basket, a Jack-O-Lantern) and some were types of weather (rain, wind, snow, hail). About a third of the images she would get quickly on her own (pool, snowman, snowy weather, jack-o-lantern). If she didn't get them right away then I'd point out something else about the season that was related (i.e. we celebrate Easter about the same time we plant a garden, when it's not too cold anymore), and then she would look at the season and then at me. On a couple she would look at the wrong season and then back at me. I would acknowledge her guess, then say that the thing didn't usually happen in that season. I'd give her another hint and she eventually got it. I think only once she had more than one incorrect guess. School bus and school starting in the fall she got so quickly and so confidently, I was really impressed.

The first couple picture questions she would look around at all four of the seasons a lot of times before she would pick, but after a few times she wouldn't look around at all the seasons anymore, she would look right to the one she wanted to guess, or look away from the board like she does when she's not answer (not sure if that's disengaged, thinking, etc.).

On the weather questions there wasn't a single right answer other than for snow, and she picked all of them in a season that worked. When I showed her the picture of hail and talked about what hail was she got a smile on her face and laughed a little bit. I think she thought hail was silly.

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  1. Very nice, but I wonder which season is her favorite? Since she picked snow and winter so quickly does that mean she likes them best?